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The most natural online whiteboard

IDroo does everything you would expect from an online whiteboard. Instant real time collaboration in your browser without the hassle.

All over the world

Number one choice for online teachers

IDroo connects thousands of students with teachers for real-time collaboration all over the world.

Many tools to choose from

All the tools you expect and even more

Freehand, Line, Rectangle/Square, Ellipse/circle, Text, Formula/Equation, Images and Documents, and an Eraser, of course. Everything on the board is freely editable.

Import documents and images to whiteboard

Images and documents

Upload images, PDF, Word or other documents by simply pasting or dragging them to the board. Document pages and other objects can be locked to the background to work on them easily. Supported file formats includes PNG, JPG, PDF, DOC, PPT, PAGES and many more.

Style as you wish

Style as you wish

Different fonts and stoke widths, millions of colors to choose from, even all the partially transparent ones.

Infinite whiteboard in all directions

Endless board

The digital paper we use in IDroo is infinite in all directions and you are working at the center of it. The pens have infinite ink too, to compensate.

Works on all devices

All devices and screen sizes

IDroo works in your browser on PC, laptop, tablet and even smartphones. No download or app required.

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