IDroo features...

The most natural online whiteboard

IDroo does everything you would expect from an online whiteboard. Instant real time collaboration in your browser without the hassle.

All over the world

Number one choice for online teachers

IDroo connects thousands of students with teachers for real-time collaboration all over the world.

Start working in seconds

Just share the URL of your board with others and you can instantly collaborate. Log in with social accounts available (Facebook, Google, Windows Live).

Real-time experience

Each stroke you make and letter you type is transmitted in real time to all the participants worldwide.

Many tools to choose from

All the tools you expect and even more

Freehand, Line, Rectangle/Square, Ellipse/circle, Text, Formula/Equation, Images and Documents, and an Eraser, of course.

Nice and smooth lines

Draw and sketch your ideas with Freehand tool. Pen tablets or touch screens make drawing easier but are not required. With IDroo, your lines are smooth even with a janky mouse.

Equation tool

You can use our simple yet professional equation editor to type math and physics formulas. Use the toolbar, or TeX-like commands such as \sum, \sqrt, \alpha, \N, etc followed by a space.

Import documents and images to whiteboard

Images and documents

Upload images, PDF, Word or other documents by simply pasting or dragging them to the board. You can easily reuse files you have uploaded on other boards. Supported formats include JPG, PNG, GIF, PDF, DOCx, XLSx, PPTx, PAGES, RTF, and many more.

Lock to background

Objects can be locked to background to protect them from deleting or moving around by accident. For example, lock a document page in place to work on it.

Style as you wish

Style as you wish

Different fonts and stoke widths, millions of colors to choose from, even all the partially transparent ones.

Vector graphics

Everything on the board can be freely copied, changed, moved, scaled, rotated or deleted.

Infinite whiteboard in all directions

Endless board

The digital paper we use in IDroo is infinite in all directions and you are working at the center of it. The pens have infinite ink too, to compensate.


Your boards are automatically saved on our server so you can access them later, anywhere and your work won't get lost. You can also access the boards you have been on but don't own. For example, students have access to the teachers boards they have worked on.

Works on all devices

All devices and screen sizes

IDroo works on desktop, tablets and everything in between.

No download required

Runs in your web browser, no need to install anything.

Keyboard shortcuts

All your favorite shortcuts from other programs work in IDroo. Ctrl+C, +V, +X, +Z, +Y. On a touch device hold you finger on the board and a menu appears.

Make whiteboard private when you need to

Private and protected when you need it

Board owner can change the default permissions for new joining users. By default all users have permissions to Edit, but it can be changed to View or None. You can also change the permissions for users already on the board, effective immediately.

Integrated chat

There is an integrated chat that is saved with the whiteboard so no message gets lost.

Always improving

If you need additional features, just let us know. We already have more features in development.

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