About IDroo

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to pay for my students?

If you use IDroo for tutoring or home-schooling, your students can use a free account.

They will be able to see and interact with the documents and images you share. They can also participate in the audio calls.

How does the audio call work?

Once you have a paid plan, there will be a Call button at the top right corner. Clicking that will start an audio call between board participants.

It is advised that all participants use Google Chrome browser. There may be connection or call quality issues between different browsers.

How to cancel the subscription?

You'll find the cancel button at the bottom of the billing page. You can cancel the subscription any time, you will have the paid plan until the end of already paid period, which is shown on the billing page.

How to connect IDroo and Skype

IDroo can be used alongside Skype or any other audio/video calling service. All you need to get on the same board is to share the board URL with others.

We used to have a downloadable version that integrated with Skype, but it isn't supported any more and hadn't been available from us for over 10 years already. If you downloaded it from somewhere, please uninstall it and use IDroo in the browser at https://idroo.com.

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