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I have worked for the last 15 years as a secondary science/physics teacher in the UK state sector and for 2 years in a leading international school in Bangkok. At present, I work two mornings a week in a local secondary school, tutoring students in science/physics. In addition, I offer private tutoring, both in person and online. In my teaching experience I have had the opportunity to teach students of the highest calibre. Many of my A level students have achieved top grades in Physics and moved on to study at Oxford and Cambridge. However, I have also taught in non-selective schools and encountered students from all backgrounds and with differing levels of ability. From this experience, I have developed a wide range of teaching strategies and resources. I have also had experience of working as a research scientist, and this informs my teaching of ‘how science works’, which I feel is a very valuable component of the science curriculum. I am a strong advocate of a 'flipped' approach to learning and have a website www.flippedaroundphysics.com which is focussed on providing Physics Teachers with quality materials for the flipped classroom. In my tutoring sessions, I also prefer to use a flipped approach. In this approach, students are expected to attempt tasks in preparation of the tutor session. The tutor session is then spent going over the prep task and deepening understanding. I am a patient and adaptable tutor and more than willing to work with the specific needs of the tutee. I have a wealth of experience teaching in different schools and different specifications. I have taught the following subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Astronomy at GCSE; Physics at IGCSE; Physics, Environmental Science, Science in Society at AS; Physics at A2; Physics at IB Higher level. I am also a qualified and experienced teacher of English as a Foreign Language.


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