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I have eight years of tutoring experience with high school and university students. I hold a bachelor of science in chemistry and I have worked with various tutoring companies in the past. I am very good at making the material appear simple, I have helped many students and I have a lot of experience with any online virtual chemistry courses (ILC, ADLC, virtual high school, etc.) as well as any introductory to organic chemistry. I use an online interactive whiteboard complemented with voice chat. All you need is Skype and I'll do the rest. Payment can be made using Paypal or etransfer through online banking. This is excellent if you live too far or don't want to travel since it can all be done from the comfort of your home. Here are some comments from some students that used my service: "This tutor, Adam, is brilliant! He was very patient and willing to answer all my questions. I appreciate the help. Thanks! :)" Natalia "My teacher made things a lot more complicated whereas Adam was engaging and asked me to think about the concepts before just giving me the answer." Gary "Adam is an excellent tutor. He thoroughly explained concepts and taught me two different ways to solve them." Charlene "Adam uses a brilliant method to explain concepts using the resources he has. I understand the concepts so much better now, thank you Adam!!" Nicki I provide a free 10 minute demo session to show you how the process works and discuss your needs. Message me for any questions. Adam


$30 USD/ hour


Email: adam_2012@live.ca

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