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Федосєєва Ганна


Chemistry, Biochemistry


English, Russian, Ukrainian

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Hello! My name is Fedoseeva Anna, I`m a professional online-teacher of Chemistry and Biochemistry. If Russian or Ukrainian is your native language, but now you are learning Chemistry in English, I can help you with it. We`ll work in English, but if it is necessary, I will be able to clarify difficult questions in your native language. I will recommend good elementary textbooks in Chemistry with simple and understandable English. I can help you with homework, prepare for the test and give you mnemonic rules that will help you to remember complicated chemical rules and formulas quickly. My specialization is Biochemistry, as well as university and school courses of General, Organic and Inorganic Chemistry. Contact me, I will be glad to help you.


10 $ per hour


Skype aafedoseeva Website http://prozno.pro Viber +380502999923 E-mail aafedoseeva@gmail.com

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