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Greg Morris


English Pronunciation and Accent Reduction



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Hi! This is Greg Morris and I am here to help you improve your English speaking. The first, best, and quickest way to make a difference right away is to work on pronunciation and accent reduction. This is my specialty. I have over 10 years of experience teaching English to students at all levels from all over the world. However, unlike most ESL teachers, I have a Master's degree in Applied Linguistics. In other words, I have training to help my students with their accent and pronunciation. I have helped many students reduce their accents. This is the first step toward being understood. We work over Skype and have your lessons on an on-line whiteboard on Idroo that we can both see and write on. We do our speaking and listening homework over Extempore and vocabulary on Vocabulary.com. The lessons and homework will keep you busy learning outside of class so that you will advance more quickly without spending as much money. Sound good? Send me a message and we'll get started right away!!


$40 for a 50-55 minute session. Initial consultati


email: morrisgregc@yahoo.com
Skype: Search for: gregorthegr8 or morrisgregc@yahoo.com

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