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Mathematics: GCSE, IGCSE, A-Level Pure Maths, Statistics, Mechanics, ОГЭ, ЕГЭ


English, Russian

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I am an experienced Maths tutor have worked for 10 years in the UK. I have very good communication skills and positive relationships with students, which has led to mutual understanding and productive working relationships. I always carefully prepare for each lesson following the state or national curriculum as appropriate. I differentiate my planning so students of all abilities can access the learning to make good progress. I also ensure the more able pupils have additional challenge. This has helped my students to fulfil their potential and succeed in problem solving. Initially I start my explanation from a theory, not just giving a formula and using it. I always explain how a formula is derived and how to use it, as well as giving a context and the relevance of a theory or formula. This enables students to work logically and see the links in their learning, as well as understand why they are learning a particular aspect of maths. I explain and model problem solving in related examples, starting from the simplest and ending with the more complex. I encourage students to discuss possible solutions and ask questions during this process. This is always followed by opportunities for students to work independently to solve problems, so I can assess their understanding and support those who need additional explanation, as well as those who may need extending. I use formative and summative assessment in lessons and tests to inform planning for subsequent lessons or topics, so I can address the needs of individual students in my teaching.


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