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Ilango Soma


Physics 20, 30 and IB, Math 9,10,20,30, Calculus, GMAT, MCAT Physics, Intro to Statistics, Strength of Materials


English and Tamil

Additional information

I am a Physics teacher, trained in Singapore, currently living and teaching in Canada, Alberta Certified teacher. My teaching philosophy: Relate concepts and content to what is happening around us. Finding out the students understanding of the subject, especially the fundamentals, is the key to how I tailor to the needs of the student. Where possible and if needed, I will incorporate inquiry based approach to learning. Guiding students and leading them in their pursuit of academic excellence, has given me lots of satisfaction in the past and I believe will keep me going in the future. In Calgary, Alberta, where I currently reside, I am able to meet students in person for these lessons.


CAD 40 per hour



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