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Faraz Hassan


IGCSE Physics,Mathematics D syllabus For O level Cambridge students and Basic Mathematics


English, Urdu, Hindi

Additional information

I have done Graduation in Industrial Electronics Engineering Discipline from Ned university of Engineering & Technology Pakistan. I teach From Graphic Tablet and Webcam use Skype and Idroo Board. I teach O level IGCSE Cambridge Mathematics and Physics as well as Basic level Maths. Teaching is my profession, I have 3 years of experience in the field of Teaching. I will prepare you to achieve best grade in your exam.


10 USD to 15 USD per Hour


Email: farazhassan.25@iiee.edu.pk
Skype Contact: hassannasir.2515@outlook.com , Skype Name: Faraz Hassan
Website Link: https://sir-faraz-hasan-maths-academy.business.site/

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