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Chemistry, AP chemisty, SAT,IB,ICSE,CBSE, A level,AQA,OCR,GCSE chemistry



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I want to make the subject interesting for the student first then explain the theoretical concepts with practical examples to students and I enjoy their quick understanding with such practice.we can achieve the task by revisions and tests as well as by problem solving and remedial sessions. teaching is not only covering the syllabus in the book but also responsibility to inspire and motivate the child for their future.that should be a part of teaching. I can adopt different methodology with different student and topic according to their need because teaching is not only my interest but also my passion. I give classes for AP chemisty, SAT,IB,ICSE,CBSE, A level,AQA,OCR,GCSE chemistry etc. Our team also help in doing homework and assignment work.


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