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Edmund Croft


Physics, Chemistry, Maths (KS3 - A-level / high school), Biology (KS3-GCSE / middle school)


English, basic French

Additional information

I enjoy showing you real-world applications of what we are studying. In our lessons, we will draw diagrams and break problems down into bite-size steps, and I will train you to ask yourself helpful questions such as “What do I already know?”, “Is this a sensible answer?” and “Did I expect those units?”. I am used to sympathetically coaching young people in unfamiliar skills, having also been the principal teacher for a university folk dance club for five years. I have three years' experience conducting tutorials in Materials Science at Cambridge University, having myself studied Natural Sciences there, including Physics and Chemistry. In 2018, I taught the Maths and Physics component of the NCC International Foundation Programme for Engineers (of around GCSE/A-level level) at the Star Exeter language school.


£25/h (approximately €28 or $30)



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