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Jordan Patterson


Math, Algebra, Geometry, Precalculus, Calculus, Test Prep, Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics



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Why I love math, and why I tutor I was assigned math work that was challenging enough that I felt accomplished, but approachable enough that I could engage with it confidently. Since I was homeschooled, I was able to move quickly through my curriculum without having to slow down for my teacher or classmates. I completed two years worth of math curriculum in one year. I did hit some bumpy patches learning Algebra, but that did little to stifle my enjoyment of the subject in the long term. In fact, once I had mastered those difficult topics I gained even more confidence. I was accepted at the University of Maryland to study Mathematics and Math Education. Throughout my college career and then again during my time student teaching, I realized that I really don’t like classrooms. Having seen another method of education in action, I had something to compare classroom learning against. I decided during my final year of school that I did not want to be a classroom teacher, but I still had a strong desire to become an educator. Soon after, I found my place working as a tutor. Since then, I have had a wide array of tutoring experiences, including working with three different tutoring companies, a private high school, two special-needs high schools, a public high school, and even starting my own tutoring company. I ran the company successfully for three years employing several other tutors and serving hundreds of clients. These experiences were each great in their own way and taught me many things, but they had many factors that took away from my true passion and specialty: explaining difficult concepts to people who wanted to understand them. I enjoy seeing people come to realize that they can understand math, and foster their own appreciation of the subject. That’s why I love tutoring: I can filter out most of the administrative work and just focus on working with individuals and small groups of students, doing what I love.


100USD per hour



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