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Tim Taylor


Maths (Calculus), Science (Chemistry)



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I have a Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) and Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Secondary) and have been tutoring Maths to year thirteen (Calculus) and Science to year thirteen (Chemistry) part time for ten years. I have also been helping young people complete their Duke of Edinburgh Awards for the last nine years – teaching outdoor safety (gained my Bush One outdoor qualification in 2018) and leading multi-day tramps. My tutoring is very much student-centred – working on the topics they need the most help with. I often begin by modelling or demonstrating good problem-solving techniques (explaining necessary theory as I go), then ask the student to solve a few problems with my coaching, moving to them answering the questions with minimal input from me.


NZD45 per one-hour session


email: tutoring@nztaylors.com

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